Walking the Path of Ecclesiastes

Chapter 1

     In this book, Solomon Seeks to answer the question, “Is Life worth living”? What caused Solomon to ask this question, when you look around you see nature functioning as it has since the beginning (1-8). When you look back you see history
only repeating it self (9-11). When you look within, you find (as Solomon did) that your wisdom and experience cannot explain mysteries of life or solve life issues (VV12-18) it’s all useless.

     Solomon’s big mistake was to leave God out of the picture (Matthew 6:33). When we put God first, we have the promise of His Constant Care. But when we put self first, we lose His blessing and what ever we spent on ourselves!

     Solomon was the Wisest, Wealthiest and most powerful man of his day. Solomon certainly had the opportunity and resources to do the things mentioned in Ecclesiastes, but when viewed apart from God (“under the Sun”) life is indeed “Vanity” Useless, but when you live for Christ, life is never “In Vain” (I Corinthians 15:58).

What about you how are you living your life?

Rev. Jack L. Reed, Pastor


 Walking the Path of Ecclesiastes

Chapter 2

God made life for enjoyment and investment (1 Timothy 6:17-19), but Solomon decided to turn it into an experiment. He tested his heart with pleasure, (vv.1-3) works (vv.4-6) and the pursuit of wealth (vv.7-9), and he discovered that these did not Satisfy. These things can bring a certain amount of enjoyment while you are doing them, but at the end of the day you feel empty (vv.10-11).

Solomon is showing Us that Enjoyment Without God is Only entertainment, Not enrichment; you cannot live on entertainment. At this Solomon became distrustful of human nature (Psalm 34: 11-14). His attitude was why bother to do all these things, when death will be my end any way, who will remember me?

The apostle Paul answered the question in (I Corinthians 15:58 and I John 2:17).  Instead of complaining of what you do not have, thank God for what you do have and enjoy it (vv.24-26).

Rev. Jack L. Reed, Pastor