The mission of this church is to carry forth the Gospel of Our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST, the redemption made possible by his Life, Ministry, Death, Burial, Resurrection and Ascension. The mission of this church is to PREACH, TEACH, HEAL, NURTURE and administer the ordinances.

This church will be involved in the human situation by giving the Saving Word of Our God. This church shall carry forth the Mission of Our Lord given in Matthew chapter 28. The SAVING OF MEN’S SOULS, the bringing of Men into a right relationship with God, and with each other.

This church will strive to help the membership to a deeper commitment to the cause of Christ, and to the better use our witness, time, talents and money for the advancement of his work; to serve as instruments of God in the redemption of the world. Therefore, we must teach, preach and live the Word. We must be doers of the Word good examples of our teaching. JESUS CHRIST has set the example and we Must follow his teaching, and through the leading of the HOLY SPIRIT, we can lead men to find the answer to the issues of life.

Rev. Jack L. Reed, Pastor