Good morning New Bethel!  This is our first bit of news to update you on since June.

The work in the upper and lower fellowship halls is progressing well.  Tile flooring has been laid in the lower fellowship hall, with special emphasis on the areas where falls are most likely to occur.  The ceiling in the upper fellowship hall has been restored and looks amazing.  The light fixtures have been replaced with new cost-efficient LED fixtures that turn on and off instantaneously.  The walls have been repainted a soft light color.  The new energy saving double-pane glass windows allow a tremendous amount of natural light in.  Combined, all of those changes make the upper fellowship hall brighter than it has ever been.  In addition, the walls in the prep, kitchen, and serving areas are made of a washable material that will make cleaning up splatter much easier.

Please remember to keep all those who have been attacked in places where they should feel safe in our prayers.  Remember to pray for our safety and the safety of others … and pray for a change of heart of those who would do others harm.

“Keep me safe, Lord, from the hands of the wicked; protect me from the violent ones who devise ways to trip my feet.”  Psalm 140:4

NBMBC Communications Committee