The Pastor Speaks


When you think about the word Christmas, what comes to mind?  Oh, no doubt we probably think of Family, Friends, Fun, Food and Festivities. Or is it presents, gifts under the tree? So before we get too far into the holiday season, lets stop and take a fresh look at this awesome event we call Christmas.

Think of it as an invitation from God, delivered by His Only begotten Son, offering Salvation to humankind. He came wrapped in swaddling clothes instead of colorful wrapping paper and was laid in a manger rather than under a decorated Christmas tree.

This tiny baby grew up to become the Savior of the world to redeem fallen mankind.  He came the first time as a tiny baby in a manger and set in motion, the Father’s perfect plan of redemption, because sin had separated us from a Holy God.

But Jesus brought us back and reunited us to the Father. That’s what Christmas is all about so don’t let the commercialism of Christmas draw you away from the True meaning of Christmas (John 3:16). And let us together thank God for His unspeakable gift.

Have a happy joyful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Rev. Jack L. Reed, Pastor