Psalm 70      

          In this brief Psalm right from the top one can see David was in a hurry. The reading of Scripture tells us we cannot hurry God, you just have to wait (Psalm 27:14) (Isaiah 40:31).  Most people today live their life in a hurried pace, everything they want, they want it right now; it’s the Micro-Wave Syndrome. But what we must understand is God does not get in a hurry just because we are. In this Psalm David starts with “MAKE HASTE” and he ended with “DO NOT DELAY.”

Why does God delay answering your prayers surely He knows your desperate Situation. He promises to give Grace to help in the time of need (Hebrews 4:16). Which can be translated “Grace for well-timed help”. His delays are neither denials nor defeats. So put your trust in His hands and wait on the Lord. Just a brief look at some of the Saints of old who put their trust in God and was not ashamed.

Joseph in prison had to wait on God to free him. Moses had to wait on God through ten difficult plagues before Pharaoh would let the people go. Caleb had to wait Forty years before claiming their inheritance. David had to wait to receive his throne. Mary and Martha had to wait for Jesus to come to Bethany (John 11). God is not in a hurry even when we are, and His schedule is better than Ours.

Rev. Jack L. Reed, Pastor