Walking the Path of Ecclesiastes

Chapter 4

As Solomon views life here in Chapter Four (4) he sees nothing of Value , he says have you wished you could get away from it all? People get on your nerve, circumstances over whelm you, and the best solution to the issue is to “go it alone.”

But is it the best solution? As Solomon looked at the problems of life he saw adversity and inequality (vv.1-6). But he realized that nobody can make it alone. The solitary worker may get all the profits, but one can get so busy making money and have no time to enjoy it (vv.7-8). We brought nothing into this world and we will take nothing out.

We live in a Society of risks, but there are rewards as well, and the rewards are greater. Solomon looks at the reward of friendship (vv. 9-12). We all need times of Solitude, but Striving to be independent is not good. Life is tough enough even when we have friends to encourage us. What would it be like if we had to do it alone?

Rev. Jack L. Reed, Pastor