Walking through the Proverbs

Proverbs 1

           First let it be known that the theme of PROVERBS IS WISDOM, the right use of knowledge.  This Wisdom is more than an intellectual pursuit, it also involves devotion to the Lord. The wise person fears the Lord, trusts Him and Seeks to obey His will. The wisdom described in Proverbs is like a Spiritual “SIXTH SENSE”. It enables you to evaluate circumstances and people and make the right decision in life. Proverbs is a Well-Full of Wise Sayings.

These Sayings are “distilled truth” made practical for daily living. Most of the sayings are the words of Solomon King David’s Son. The book of Proverbs is not a do-it yourself Success kit for the greedy but a guidebook for the godly.

Lets look at the importance of Wisdom, VV.s.1-6 All you need for Success is yours when you receive God’s Wisdom, Success means much more that making a living. It means making a life that honors God and Serves other.

The instruction of Wisdom (VV.s 7-9) “The fear of the Lord” means reverence for God and respect for His Word. A willingness to listen and obey.

The lessons of Wisdom come in various ways but you must be willing to each Lesson.

The invitation to Wisdom (VV.s 20-33) Wisdom is a choice you make or a choice you reject. Accept Wisdom’s call and you will be blessed, accept jolly’s call and you will be destroyed, you make the Call.

Rev. Jack L. Reed, Pastor