Psalm 25

          Life is about decisions and choices we make them everyday. This psalm is helpful when we are called upon to make decisions and seeking God’s will.  What kind of people does God guide?

Those Who Glorify Him (VVs. 1-2). If you want His will for His glory. He will show you the right path. If you have selfish motives, He may let you have your way. Only later will you regret it.

Those Who Wait (Vs. 3). You are not wasting time when you wait on the Lord (Isa. 40: 28-31) (Ps. 27:14).

Those Who Ask (VVs. 4-5). If you want to warm God’s Heart. Ask Him, He wants to show you His ways, teach you His paths, and lead you in His truths (John 15:7) (James 1:5) (Matt. 7:7).

Those Who are clean (VVs. 6-7). Psalm 51 also can be applied here, also (1 John 1:9).

Those Who Submit (VVs. 8-15). God does not guide those who rebel against Him but He takes delight in those who Submit to His will (Ps. 32:8-9) (James 4:7).

          Rev. Jack L. Reed, Pastor