The painting is progressing nicely.  In addition to painting, brighter LED bulbs will be installed in the fixtures providing more light in the sanctuary, which will be a welcomed improvement.  

BioSweep has completed another round of air cleaning and deodorizing.  They will do several more as needed between now and when we move back into the sanctuary.

NBMBC Communications Committee


The painting contractors will be taking additional measurements in preparation for painting. Because we would prefer that everything have a consistent, uniformed look, it is our understanding that in addition to painting the sanctuary walls the painting contractor has now agreed to also paint the vestibule walls, the walls of the staircases leading to the balcony, the balcony walls, and the walls in the hallway leading from the balcony to the Upper Fellowship Hall.

BioSweep came in this past weekend to set up for another round of air cleaning and deodorizing.

Pastor Reed reminded us Sunday about the importance of being patient. He suggested we ask God to give us each “a double dose of patience and a little more strength to endure this temporary inconvenience.” He added that “God is always more than able to bring good out of what we consider bad. … However long this takes, we’re going to trust God to see us through.” And he also reminded us to give thanks; we may not be in our ideal place to worship, but thankfully we have a place where we can worship together.

“In every thing give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

NBMBC Communications Committee


Pleasantly brief –

For those who have asked, our timeframe for getting back into the sanctuary seems to be on track, but the project manager will let us know if that changes.

The cleaning of the ceiling in the upper fellowship hall is finished.  The dry ice blasting knocked the varnish off in some spots, which was not unexpected, so those spots will be retouched and made to match to the rest of the slats.

A couple of architects came in last week to survey the damaged areas, but no decision has been made on who will be commissioned to do the architectural work.

Some fabric items have been returned from the cleaners along with a list of those items that the cleaners considered not savable.  There are still some items yet to be cleaned.  Anyone who is responsible for garments that have been considered a loss will be notified individually.

NBMBC Communications Committee


This week’s update is another short one.

There is still work to be done in the sanctuary – the light fixtures have been cleaned, the LED bulbs have arrived and once they are installed the fixtures will be rehung, then the cleaning of the pews and carpet and redeodorizing can begin – but they are getting closer!  #Patience

As the work in the sanctuary winds down crews will begin to shift their focus to the fellowship halls.  They are waiting for equipment and materials that they have requisitioned to arrive, which is why last week it may have looked to some as though there was no activity in the building.  Please keep in mind that the contracting companies are as anxious to finish our job as we are for them to be finished, and they have assured us that there will be no unnecessary delays.  So, don’t worry; their goal is to get us back in our sanctuary as soon as possible.  But we would rather have it done right than to have it done fast.  #Patience

Once work shifts to the other side of the building, the next steps will be commissioning an architect to prepare diagrams for the rebuilding, obtaining approval of the diagrams and building code improvements, and applying for the necessary work permits from the City.  This phase of the process will take some time…nothing happens overnight when you’re working with the City.  #Patience

The project manager has posted this sign on all entrances as required by both IOSHA and OSHA and as a strict reminder for the work crews, inspectors, and delivery/set-up crews coming in and out.  It also serves as a reminder for us as well.  #Compliance

NBMBC Communications Committee


This week’s update will be short and sweet.

The crews in the sanctuary are entering the final stages of getting it ready for our use.  There are still a few more things they need to do but it looks as though their estimated time frame for getting us back into the sanctuary was pretty accurate.

The crews in the Upper Fellowship Hall are almost finished dry ice blasting the ceiling and removing the floor tiles.

It is important to remember that once crews reach the architectural and reconstruction phases, they will rebuild everything that was damaged or lost due to the fire and restore it to its original state and will bring everything up to current building code standards.  They will not rebuild anything that was not damaged by fire, water, smoke or soot.

The building is now officially a ‘hard hat area’ and the project manager is still asking that we not enter the building yet.  


Things are moving right along.

The cleaning of the sanctuary ceiling is finished, and it looks really good.  The crew used dry ice blasting, which is very similar to sand blasting or power washing – they used high pressure hoses to blast dry ice (which is carbon dioxide in solid form) onto the ceiling, the solidified dry ice knocks the soot and dirt off the surface on impact.  Even though dry ice is not safe to inhale, touch or ingest, this method is non-toxic and environmentally safe.

The light fixtures are being cleaned and the new LED bulbs are being ordered; hopefully they will be here next week.  In the meantime, crews are working on replacing any worn or sub-code wiring.  Once the bulbs arrive they will be installed and the fixtures will be re-hung.

The color committee has made a decision so the next step in the process will be painting the sanctuary walls.  Once the painting is complete, the crews will disassemble and remove the scaffolding.  At that point, unwrapping and cleaning the pews and floor tiles can begin.  The last thing to be done will be shampooing the carpet.  After that, Biosweep will come back in and re-deodorize the sanctuary.

We were initially advised that it could take two to three months before we are able to use our sanctuary and that estimated time frame has not changed, but Deacon Means will have a better idea once he meets with all the worksite crew supervisors on Friday.

Once the sanctuary is finished, all crews will begin concentrating their efforts on the kitchen, fellowship halls and the connected areas.  A photographer will record the progress of the restoration of the kitchen and upper fellowship hall so that we have a pictorial timeline of the rebuilding for the church’s official historical record.  We will share the pictures on the church’s website and Facebook page as they become available.

And please remember, the building is still not safe for us to be in – the debris, cables and construction materials create a serious potential for falling; the fumes in the air can be harmful if inhaled (even Deacon Means has to wear a protective mask).  There is still no heat, water (so no restrooms), or lights in the fellowship halls or the connected areas; and there is nowhere to sit.  So overall, it’s cold, dark, dirty, and not a pleasant place to be.  And, of course, the crews cannot do their jobs if we are in their way.

NBMBC Communications Committee


Cleaning of the sanctuary ceiling, light fixtures and ceiling fans continues. Crews are removing all of the sanctuary light fixtures from the ceiling and will likely stage them on the vestibule floor so they can be cleaned and any damaged or sub-code wiring can be replaced, after which new LED bulbs will be installed and the fixtures will be re-hung.

The consulting firm has assigned us a project manager and as things move toward the reconstruction phase, the project manager will engage the services of an architect so that he or she can begin putting together floor plans and schematics for rebuilding the kitchen and fellowship hall areas and will then begin applying for building permits. But bear in mind, we are not at that point just yet.

It is important to note that they will replace or rebuild everything that was damaged or lost due to the fire and restore it to its original state while making sure everything meets current building codes. They will not replace or rebuild anything that was not damaged by fire, water, smoke or soot.

Even though we are all anxious to get inside to retrieve our belongings or see what can be salvaged, the insurance adjuster has asked everyone to remember that the church is a construction zone and there are several insurance related reasons why we have been asked to stay out of the building until it is safe – first, the debris, cables and construction materials throughout the building make it possible that we might slip and fall … or that something might slip and fall on us; second, the particulates in the air from chemical cleaning solvents, soot, and saw dust can be harmful to the respiratory system; third, there is still no heat, water or lights in the fellowship halls or in the connected areas; and fourth, the crews cannot do their jobs if we are in their way.

Any renovation is a long process, and we would rather have it done right than have it done fast. So please be patient. We will get through this together.

“Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.” Romans 12:12.

NBMBC Communications Committee


Cleaning of the sanctuary ceiling, light fixtures and ceiling fans has begun. Once that is completed, crews will begin painting the sanctuary walls. Around that same time, crews will also begin cleaning the pews and floor tiles.  New LED bulbs will be installed in the light fixtures in the sanctuary, so the sanctuary will be considerably brighter.  From the back of the sanctuary to the baptismal pool, from the north wall to the south wall, from the floor to within approximately 10 feet of the peak of the ceiling, the maze of scaffolding is a sight to behold!  Cleaning of the fellowship halls, kitchen and all the connected areas continues.  Everything has been stripped from the walls, floors and ceilings and most of the areas have been torn down to the studs.  All light fixtures in the upper fellowship hall have been removed and will be cleaned and reinstalled.

We have attached a few photographs of all this work for your viewing pleasure.

In keeping with his motto, “you get what you INspect…not what you EXpect”, Deacon Herschell Means is working closely with the consultants and contractors daily and overseeing the overall progress on the church’s behalf.

Also, the furnishings and office equipment have been cleaned and returned to the clerk’s office but remain wrapped in heavy protective plastic.

There are still sharp pieces of debris and wiring, and large cables from equipment being used by the crews throughout the building, and the air quality is still poor.  As such, we have been asked to continue to remind everyone that for our own safety we are not allowed in the building.

Don’t forget, you can call the church’s InfoLine at 317-726-7410 on Mondays for the latest updates or to leave any questions you may have.

In addition to the InfoLine, you are invited to participate in New Bethel’s Prayer Line on Tuesday or Thursday nights, beginning this Tuesday, January 29, 2019, from 7:00 p.m. until 7:30 p.m.  Prayer and devotion will be led by Rev. John C. Cavanaugh and Sis. Anita Cavanaugh.  

It’s easy to do – simply dial 1-712-832-8330; you will be asked to enter access code 7138381 followed by the pound (#) sign; you will then be asked to announce yourself, which you don’t have to do if you’re uncomfortable with others knowing you are on the line; after which you will be asked to press the pound sign again to enter the conference…then all you have to do is listen and enjoy!

We all know that prayer changes people, situations and circumstances, so please join us as we pray together for our church and for one another.

NBMBC Communications Committee

Update for Monday January 21, 2019

This week’s update will be a short one –

Scaffolding is now set up throughout the sanctuary and the crews have begun cleaning the wooden ceiling slats … a task that is going to take a loooong time to complete.  Unfortunately, it looks like the walls are not going to come clean, so bids are being taken from painting contractors to paint the interior walls of the sanctuary.  The color committee has met to begin discussing a color scheme.

The next step will be cleaning the pews and floors.  The estimated timeframe to get back into the sanctuary might have to be pushed back a little; we will let you know if that becomes necessary.

The fellowship halls, kitchen and all of the connected areas will still take considerably longer.

Please remember, the building remains unsafe as there are still large amounts of sharp metal, wiring, and debris throughout all areas of the building and the air quality is still not 100%.  For our own safety we are still not allowed to enter the building.

NBMBC Communications Committee

Update for Monday, January 14, 2019

Tomorrow will mark one month since the fire and things are moving forward.

Cleaning of both the lower and upper fellowship halls is in progress.  The floor tiles have been removed from both areas, as have the vinyl treads on all the stairs.  The ceiling tiles in the lower fellowship hall have also been removed, and crews are set to begin cleaning the walls in the lower fellowship hall.

The crews are building scaffolding in the sanctuary and have been covered the pews with plastic so that they can begin cleaning the wooden ceiling slats.  Once the sanctuary ceiling and walls are cleaned, the next step will be cleaning the pews and the floor tiles.  Although the deodorization process and the manufactured air that is being pumped in have helped tremendously, the air quality will continue to be unhealthy until the pews, walls and tiles have all been cleaned.

Please continue to work on your inventory lists.  In conjunction with the lists, we have some good news and some less than good news (not bad, just less than good).  The cataloging of the damage by the insurance adjuster is ahead of schedule.  However, because smoke is considered an environmental toxin, personnel from the Environmental Protection Agency had to be brought in for the assessment process.  In some cases, they will determine what items can be kept and what must be thrown out.  And, unfortunately, there are a few areas in which everything in that area is a total loss and no walk-throughs will be necessary; Deacon Yancy will be speaking with those individuals one-on-one.

This is going be a long, slow process but please be patient.  The Bible tells us to “Be always humble, gentle, and patient.  Show your love by being tolerant with one another.” (Ephesians 4:2)  We will get through this!

NBMBC Communications Committee


The deodorization process has been completed and the air quality in the building is noticeably improved.

Temporary doors have been installed at all access points between the sanctuary building and the fellowship halls and those doors are being kept locked for the time being.

There is still only temporary electrical service in the sanctuary for the purpose of clean up.  No other area has electrical service.  There is also no water or heat in the building.

A temporary roof has been constructed above the kitchen where the roof collapsed. The engineers are evaluating the temporary roof to determine whether it is structurally sound enough to be the permanent roof.

Cleaning the sanctuary and making it usable again will be a long and slow process, but they are making progress.

We were initially advised that it could take two to three months before we are able to use our sanctuary; we have not been given an updated time frame, so we can assume that time frame remains as is.  And even though there has been some progress, please be advised that we are still not allowed in the building.

The Pastor is asking all auxiliary leaders and teachers to prepare an inventory, to the best of your recollection, of those items in your rooms, closets, storage areas or classrooms so that we can maintain a good inventory of what each person had and we have a list of items that have been damaged or destroyed to present to the insurance adjuster.  Please give your lists to Deacon Yancy and once we are able to access those classrooms and storage areas, you can arrange a time with Dec. Yancy to do a walk-through of your area so that a more comprehensive list of the room’s contents can be prepared.  Since there is still no power in the building, times to do walk-throughs will be limited but Dec. Yancy will do his best to accommodate everyone. Please make sure the lists you prepare are clearly written (printed preferably) with the estimated value of each item and the approximate age of each item.

Finally, if anyone has any pictures of the kitchen before the fire, please let Dea. Yancy know.  If you’re willing to share them, they could be very helpful for insurance purposes.

Thank you.

NBMBC Communications Committee